IdroAmbiente  with its team of engineers is able to create, design and manage purification  plants through industrial processes on urban,  industrial and commercial sewage, and according to the real needs of the customer and to the most advanced technologies.

From a purely theoretical and scientific side,  many biological, biochemical and physiological processes involved in the purification of sewage are now sufficiently well known, while, from a  practical side,  the large number of factors and parameters, environmental or otherwise, involved the same processes, make the control very difficult.

The variations of the final effluent quality characteristics of purification plants are the result of a large number of external and internal factors, not only related to the complexity of the biological purification process,  but also and above all to the design mode and management of the plant itself.

Our systems, designed to offer optimum process reliability, offer a high level of automation and control, with minimal use of chemicals and the minimization of waste resulting from the treatment process.

At the same time, solutions are valued to deeply minimize the energetic consumption of such plants and increase the possibility of purified water reuse, according with the trends highlighted in the last years , in which the shortage of water resources is increasingly more pressing